Community Petition

In Dollar General Updates on March 10, 2011 at 6:04 PM

These Citizens call for the following:

1. That the Town of Palisade and the Town Board honor survey results completed by its citizens and include findings in future comprehensive plans.

2. That the Town of Palisade adopt a formal public hearing process with the town Planning Commission and the Town Board concerning changes to the comprehensive plan.

3. That the Town of Palisade Board make land use decisions based on the comprehensive plan.

4. That emergency meetings be used for intended purposes to preserve peace, health and safety of the public or special elections only and not to make decisions regarding use of town-owned property and/or changes to the comprehensive plan or land use.

5. That no Dollar General or any Box Store be approved in Palisade Town Center unless approved by a majority vote of the citizens of Palisade.

Sign the Petition here: Community Petition


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